10 Free Nail Polish


Would you dip your hands in formaldehyde? How about camphor? Dibutyl
phthalate? Toluene? What, not formaldehyde resin either? No. We didn’t
think so. And yet, 10-major toxic chemicals can be found in many nail
polishes, many of which are well known high-end brand names.

But not ours. We are free of 10 toxic
ingredients because we know that if its just a matter of a little more
money, you’d prefer to avoid putting this foul stuff on your nails. Our
products are also not tested on animals. So next time you go in for a
mani-pedi, make sure to ask for our 10 Free polish - or avoid risking it and
bring your own. You deserve it.


Discontinue if irritation occurs. And like with any beauty product we recommend a patch test.